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Where to stay in Buzios

Which is the best area to stay in Búzios?

Located near Rio de Janeiro, Búzios is a gift of nature that no design of man could have improved.

Each one of the 23 beaches of Búzios has its special charm, but if what you are looking for is to be in the center of the action , to have restaurants, night life, pubs and shops near the best thing is to stay in the center of Búzios .Staying in the centre we have access on foot to beaches like Playa Brava or Playa dos Pasos, and to all the others by means of the vans or taxis that have a stop there.

The area of Humaita offers impressive views of the sea of the bay of Búzios and its sunsets.

In the map of the best area to stay in Búzios will find a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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The center of Búzios, the best area to stay

Although it is easy to find wonderful beaches without much effort, the best option to visit the best places that cross the 8 kilometers of the peninsula of Búzios is to stay in one of the hotels located in the center.Its streets, many of them pedestrian, are safe and well signposted, so it is pleasant to move on foot from the hotel in search of the spectacular shores. In the center, there are bus stops that run along the entire length of the main street (Estrada José Bento Ribeiro Dantas) and taxis can be taken easily to any beach or destination.A taxi ride from Rua das Pedras to João Fernandes or Geribá, for example, will cost approximately R$ 25 and will not take ten minutes.

The centre is also the best place to hire guided tours, and water taxis leave from the city’s pier to any of the beaches in the northern part of the peninsula, although as they are small boats they cannot go out to sea to visit the southern area.With a large number and variety of restaurants, bars and shops, the center offers all the amenities to enjoy the lively life of Búzios with ease.

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Other areas to stay in Búzios

Geribá beach

If you are looking for surf, party and fun, Geribá is the perfect choice.Here the waves are bigger and the water is colder than in other beaches in Búzios, so maybe it is not the best option for a trip with children, but it is the favorite of young people and in its shores you can find some of the best fashionable places, like the Fish Bone Café.

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João Fernandes Beach

With only 100 meters long and located in the north of the peninsula, 15 minutes drive from downtown, João Fernandes Beach offers calm and crystal-clear waters, perfect for diving or snorkeling.This quiet beach has as a backdrop lush trees to rest under the shade and, being well protected from the winds, has the ideal natural structure to ensure a peaceful day at the beach. Due to its small size, the offer of restaurants, shops and bars is smaller, but if you are looking for privacy and natural beauty, João Fernandes Beach is the best option.

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Ferradurinha Beach

Ferradurinha Beach is located in a small inlet in the south of the peninsula, about 3.5 km from the centre of the village between Ferradura and Geribá beaches.Surrounded by lush vegetation and spectacular rocks creating a dreamlike landscape, Ferradurinha is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or sunbathing. It is much quieter than other tourist beaches in Búzios and has simple bars and restaurants to taste fresh fish.

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Ferradura Beach

Ferradura Beach is another perfect option for families, it is a comfortable and wide beach with calm waters and many restaurants, shops and kiosks around it.From this beach it is possible to hire banana boat trips, kayak and boat trips, sailing courses for children and even massages. It is a strategically perfect option because it is also very close to the centre.

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