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Where to stay in Florianópolis

What is the best area to stay in Florianópolis?

Florianópolis , also known as Floripa, is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, an island in the southern region of the country, with unique beauties very popular with tourists, especially in summer, because it has 43 wonderful beaches to explore.It is also recommended to visit in winter and enjoy, without the summer crowds, and enjoy its trails, historical monuments and excellent seafood restaurants, with more tranquility.

The city center, is a good area to stay if we want to explore the island. The best is to stay near the Avenida Beira-Mar Norte, one of the most valued areas of the city, in a hotel overlooking the sea. If we want to enjoy the beaches, the beaches of Canasvieiras and the English are the busiest and have a wider range of hotels.

The center of Florianópolis has a great number of things to do, from historical monuments to cultural attractions. It is possible to know all its surroundings with a few hours of walk, because it is a small center and all its tourist points are close to each other.There are also buses that allow us to visit all the beaches or take us to Florianópolis International Airport in 20 minutes.

In the map that shows the center of Florianópolis are a selection of the best hotels where to stay.

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The City Center, the best place to stay in Florianópolis

The City Center Florianópolis is a great option to stay due to its excellent location.The city has a lot of things to see, from historical monuments to cultural attractions and it is possible to see the main places of interest with a few hours walk, as the centre is small and all the tourist spots are located close to each other.

The famous Praça XV de Novembro (November 15th Square ) is located in the center of the city, and is one of the main points of convergence of the island, because it was from there that the city began to grow and develop.’, ‘There is the famous Figueira Centenária – a very beautiful and extremely old tree, surrounded by superstitions -, many monuments representing historical characters, the Florianópolis Metropolitan Cathedral (renovated several times ) and the Pink Palace, which houses the Museum Cruz e Souza built between 1750 and 1765.

Another famous square on the island is called Largo da Alfândega , and it is also located in the center; there are some markets and it is a space for cultural events. One of the most sought after tourist spots in the city is also located in the center, and it is the Florianópolis Public Market, a classic destination for lovers of happy hours.The market offers several little shops that sell a variety of products, such as the famous TG-011 Box 34, TG-023, which offers the best cake in town, fresh seafood and wonderful drinks, and the downtown area is full of establishments such as cafes, pharmacies, galleries, banks and museums.

As you walk through the streets of the centre you can see various plaques with explanatory texts revealing parts of the history of the city, as well as several colourful and ancient buildings, which have been preserved and date back to the 17th century.from the city centre, dozens of buses offer trips to the many beaches of the island, although it is advisable to hire a car to move around, as it can take quite a while by bus to reach your desired destination.

Hotels in the Centre of Florianopolis

Other places to stay in Florianopolis

Canasvieiras Beach

Although Floripa has a vast list of things to see, without a doubt, the biggest attraction of the city is represented by the beaches and their surrounding areas.In the northern part of the island, the neighborhood of Canasvieiras – the first seaside resort of Florianópolis -, is also an excellent place to stay in the city, and is located between the famous beaches of Jurerê and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus .It has an impressive beauty, characterized by very clear and calm waters, and fine sand, and also has a wide infrastructure for tourism and relaxation.It is a neighborhood of great movement in summer, and a redoubt for the Argentineans (with the right to posters in Spanish).

The beach of Canasvieiras , the favorite among tourists who go to Florianopolis, is located 27 km from downtown and has only 2200 meters in length.It is an ideal place to walk with family and friends, because besides being a real beach resort, it has ideal waters for children, since the sea is calm and warm. Canasvieiras is also an optimal place to stay because it is easily accessible for those who do not speak Portuguese, since the neighborhood offers several services in different languages such as English and Spanish.

An excellent way to get to know Santa Catarina’s history without losing sight of the sea is to hire a boat trip, which leaves from a point next to the sugar mill, but to the right of the beach of Canasvieiras , and whose route passes by the islands and fortresses of the region.The boat offers a ride along the beach line of Canasvieiras , Jurerê and Daniela , passing by Forte de São José da Ponta Grossa , and stopping at Fortaleza de Anhotomirim , a large fortification from the colonial era.The most interesting part of the tour is that it offers great possibilities for dolphin watching and allows you to enjoy a swim in the waters of the Ilha do Francês .

Accommodation at Canasvieiras Beach

PLAYA dos Ingleses

Another destination on the island with a lot of movement is the area of the Praia dos Ingleses , an old fishing center, named after a curious event where an English ship ran aground there.The beach is known for its great infrastructure, adequate and efficient access, as well as various services and is one of the most urbanized areas of the island, being one of the main tourist destinations.Perfect place for those who are looking for movement, music, many bars and good hotels.

The Praia dos Ingleses , with about 5 km of extension is a beach suitable for carrying children as well as the beach of Canasvieiras .On one side of the beach, the sea is more agitated and it is suitable for the practice of nautical sports such as surfing and kit-surfing.From the Praia dos Ingleses it is also possible to visit the Praia do Santinho .

Accommodation at Praia dos Ingleses

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