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Where to stay in Fortaleza

Best area to stay in Fortaleza

Fortaleza , capital of the state of Ceará and one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil, is a mix of beautiful beaches and a big, modern and bustling city.The city is attractive both by day and by night, with about 15 beaches, lots of tourism, strong local culture, friendly and pleasant people, wonderful restaurants and the most visited water park in Brazil, Beach Park.a short distance from Fortaleza , we can also enjoy beautiful beaches like Canoa Quebrada and Jericoacoara.In one week we can visit the main places of interest in the area and enjoy this sunny city, which is developing rapidly.

The best area to stay in Fortaleza is the neighborhood of Meireles which is the area where the best beach in town is located, Meireles beach.The neighborhood, safe and well structured is connected to its neighbors, Iracema and Mucuripe, by the famous and bustling Avenida Beira Mar. In the area of Meireles are the best hotels, bars and restaurants in Fortaleza, all around the beach with excellent sea views.Its famous Handicraft Market (which is open every night) keeps the area always lively along with its clubs and bars for the younger ones.

On the map of the most convenient area to stay in Fortaleza, Brazil, are located a selection of the best hotels to stay.

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Meireles, the best neighborhood where to stay in Fortaleza

The neighborhood Meireles is the busiest in the city and the most popular for walks and rides.The sea of its beach does not accompany the rhythm of its feverish activity, since it is very serene and with few waves, ideal to take children and to enjoy its tranquility.

It is in this neighborhood where the Clube Náutico Atlético Cearense (one of the most important in the region) is located, right in front of the famous Feirinha de Artesanato da Beira Mar , a craft market that has been around for more than 26 years and is one of the best places in the city to buy handicrafts.In the region there are several companies of tourist vans , which offer tours to the surrounding beaches as Cumbuco, Canoa, Morro Branco , among others, and use the neighborhood as a starting point or arrival.

The Praia de Meireles has wide paths that run along the Avenida Beira-Mar , ideal for walking from Iracema to the end of the Praia de Mucuripe .On the beach there are several restaurants with large kitchens and bathrooms that are ideal for quick breaks and to enjoy a lunch overlooking the sea in the shade of palm trees. From Meireles is possible to appreciate the Avenida Beira-Mar bordered by modern hotels and other tourist establishments, which since the 80s, receives special attention aimed at revitalizing tourism in the region.

Hotels in Meireles

Other areas to stay in Fortaleza

Praia de Iracema

For those who enjoy staying in front of the sea and at the same time near the city center, Iracema is the perfect place.The beach of Iracema, bohemian enclave par excellence, is one of the main tourist attractions of Fortaleza. Do not miss the pier of Iracema near the beach and from where you can access a view of the city, especially at sunset.Another place not to be missed is Dragão do Mar , one of the city’s most famous tourist spots, a cultural centre with a variety of things to do such as eating and drinking in bars and restaurants, drinking a coffee, attending Brazilian film screenings, exhibitions and musical presentations, visiting the planetarium, visiting museums (Museum of Contemporary Art and Memorial of Ceará Culture) and much more.

The competition between restaurants in the neighborhood of Iracema becomes so great that some offer the first free beer or dishes of the day at reduced prices.The area is frequented by many surfers and the Ponte dos Ingleses (used for port activities during the 20th century, and currently with movement until dawn because of the profusion of bars and boites along its length) is another good place to spend the late afternoon and attend a beautiful sunset.Conveniently, the neighborhood also has some nightclubs, the best and most famous discos and bars (the best known nightclub in Iracema is Pirate ), and is perfect for party people who start moving at dusk and stay up until the early hours of the morning.The Órbita Bar is another famous place to enjoy the night, where they play rock, have live DJs, and bands, and offer very good drinks.

Hotels in Praia de Iracema

Praia do Futuro

For those who prefer tranquility, the Praia do Futuro , with about 7 km of extension is a good place to stay, mainly because of the good location of the beach.Like the Iracema , the Praia do Futuro has a sea with strong waves, ideal for sports like windsurfing or surfing.The Praia do Futuro is the most famous beach in Fortaleza (it is one of the five busiest beaches in Brazil) because it is also located inside the city, Ten kilometers away from the center, it has important bathing facilities, bigger and with better infrastructure than those of the Praia do Meireles and those of Mucuripe , which tourists love.They are luxurious, beautiful and well presented seaside constructions, with good services, professional security and various amenities.

Although many people visit the beach on weekends, it is never crowded due to its large extension.The beach facilities offer a good infrastructure and varied services, from meals to massages, hairdressing and playground.The most famous are Crocobeach (has swimming pools, security, restaurants, event rooms, hairdresser, net hammocks for relaxation, live music on Saturdays and Sundays), Vira Verão, Vila Galé (with its own hotel), Guarderia Brasil , Terra do Sol , Chico do Caranguejo (with a simple and friendly atmosphere, it stands out for its excellent crabs as its name suggests) among others.

Hotels in Praia do Futuro


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