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Best area to stay in Natal

Natal is the capital of the state of Rio Grande and one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil.

The best area to stay in Natal is the exclusive area of Ponta Negra, known as the “Copaccabana” of Natal. Ponta Negra is the area of 4 km of beach that hosts most of the tourism in the city.The views of Morro de Careca, a 107 meter high dune, make the beaches of Natal a unique destination in the world.

The area of Ponta Negra has all the services that the tourist may need: restaurants, with special proliferation of seafood restaurants where the shrimp is king, bars, clubs, all kinds of water activities and tours specialized in discovering the natural wonders of the city’s environment.

The map shows a selection of the best hotels located in the best area to stay in Natal .

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Ponta Negra, the best neighborhood to stay in Natal

After a period of urbanization in 1990, the beach area known as Ponta Negra is the place chosen by most of the tourists who visit the city. 4 km long, the place offers great options in terms of restaurants, bars, discos, handicraft shops and many first class hotels.

At the southern end of the beach is the Morro do Careca , a place that collects all the postcards of Natal and is the first major attraction with which the view is to arrive.This is a large 107m high forested dune with a central strip of sand (where before it was banned for preservation reasons, it was a fun spot for dry-skiing lovers). On this famous beach there are countless options to entertain yourself practicing paddle, surfing and kit-surfing.

Ponta Negra is also the elegant neighborhood of the city.It is located in the southern area and for many years it has been considered the most expensive neighborhood due to its large influx of tourists.the real estate bubble that began with the purchase of land by foreign tourists, was strengthened with the construction of the Via Costeira which as its name suggests, runs along the coastal strip.

In the neighborhood there is an incredible variety of seafood restaurants (the most famous is the one called Camarões ), pizzerias and bars.There are also many luxury hotels and comfortable inns where you can access many tour packages with friendly guides willing to show you the most beautiful places in the region. Whether you take a bus or a buggy through the dunes, these guides will take you to visit the nearest beaches and make you enjoy incredible walks.

On the main avenue Engenheiro Roberto Freire , and a short distance from the hotels, besides cafes and craft shops, is the “Praia Shopping”, a perfect place to have lunch and buy souvenirs, and even to distract yourself by going to the movies.

In Ponta Negra , there is also a lot of nightlife: bars and boites like the well known Peppers Hall play from electronic music to sertanejo, a local style . And if we are talking about local styles, you should not miss the traditional orró (the most appreciated musical style in the region) in the most famous house of f orró in Natal, known as Rastapé . Other very popular places are Old Five (which enjoys an excellent view of the sea), 294, Bodega Bar, and Curva do Vento (where it is also possible to enjoy some classic rock nights) .

In addition to all these positive points of the area Ponta Negra , It should be noted that Ponta Negra is also the region closest to the roads that lead to the other beaches located in the southern region such as Cotobelo (with dolphin watching points and excellent crab bars), Pirangi (where the biggest chestnut tree in the world is located), Búzios, Tabatinga and other very beautiful beaches.

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