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Where to stay in Salvador de Bahia

What is the best area to stay in Salvador de Bahia?

Capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador de Bahia de Todos os Santos , Salvador, is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, located on a triangular peninsula in northeastern Brazil and bathed by the untamed Atlantic Ocean, is known worldwide for its beaches, its carnival, the Barra Lighthouse and the neighborhood of Pelourinho.

The best area to stay in Salvador de Bahia is, without a doubt, the old town In this area of Salvador is the historic neighborhood of Pelourinho, the Cathedral of Salvador, and the church and convent of San Francisco, landmarks of a Catholic heritage that coexists with the candomblé, of African origin.Almost half of the three million inhabitants of Salvador de Bahia are of African origin, and their mixture with the inhabitants of European and indigenous origin has enriched and distinguished the gastronomy, music and architecture of Bahia.

If you visit Salvador you can go to the beach in the morning, get lost in the rich cultural heritage of the old city in the afternoon, watch the sunset in the Bahia de Todos los Santos, have dinner in one of its restaurants and finish the night dancing to live music.

On the map of the historical center of Salvador de Bahia you can find a selection of the best hotels where to stay

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The Historical Center, the best place to stay in Salvador

The neighborhood of Salvador is located in the oldest part of the city, known as Cidade Alta or upper city.Its streets and alleys that run along several blocks and are among the liveliest of Bahian life, are an ideal place to listen to live music, have a drink or dance.

The Historical Centre preserves the lines of the Portuguese urbanism of the 16th century with its wonderful houses and colourful streets, famous for its cafes, churches, shops and pastel painted buildings.Today it is a cultural center, the agitation of the rehearsals of TG011 Olodum TG023 – Afro-Brazilian focus of the carnival of the city – takes account of the neighborhood with the purest colonial style, being possible to appreciate their shows between old and multicolored houses Sundays and Tuesdays.The safety of the place is guaranteed by police officers who patrol the whole neighborhood.

Also in this neighborhood you can find the first urban elevator in the world, whose function is to connect two parts of the city: the Upper and Lower City.From the Elevador Lacerda it is possible to appreciate an incredible view of the Baía de Todos-os-Santos (All Saints Bay) , from the Forte de São Marcelo , to the Mercado Modelo.The prestige and richness conquered by the city during the colonial period is evident in the magnificence of the places mentioned above.the Mercado Modelo is one of the ideal places to buy Bahia’s souvenirs such as embroidery, berimbaus (typical musical instruments) and all kinds of handicrafts.

Hotels in the Historical Center of Salvador de Bahia

Other areas to stay in Salvador


If you want to stay in the city of Salvador

If you are the type of traveler who likes to feel surrounded by the sea, we recommend that you stay in Barra , a wealthy neighborhood of the city, located at the end of the peninsula, where you can visit the famous Farol da Barra , located next to the Forts Santa Maria and São Diogo .

In this neighborhood you will also have access to shops, and you can go to Shopping da Barra in search of spices or clothing.Prices and tastes are varied.

When you think that your day in Salvador is over you will be fooled: you must return to the same place in Baía de Todos os Santos from where you saw the sunset with your breakfast, to see the sunrise.This is possible because Barra occupies the apex of the peninsula and is a valuable export and tourist port.

Hotels in Barra

Caminho das Árvores

Enjoy the various means of transport at your disposal: bus, train, vertical lift and boat.Choose the best itinerary to attend a play at the Jorge Amado Theatre, or at least try it. You will be near the Caminho das Árvores , a wealthy neighbourhood of Salvador where luxury houses share the space with residential properties.Located between TG011 Shopping da Bahia TG023 and TG011 Salvador Shopping TG023, it will be the best place to spend the night and the day, because in the morning you can take a walk in the Metropolitan Park of TG011 Iguaçu TG023 which is located nearby.

This neighborhood was projected in 1974, to be residential and is crossed by seventeen avenues, among them the Alameda das Espatódeas, today the largest commercial pole of decoration in Bahia.Its streets and squares were recently recycled and are part of the project “Bath of Light” that sought to restore and improve all public lighting of the place.

Hotels in Caminho das Arvores


Salvador has wonderful beaches, sands that unfold in calm and crystalline waters, good for diving and ideal for the family.In this neighborhood you can find beaches surrounded by reefs, forming natural stone pools. Why not take advantage of this to practice a little swimming, sailing and underwater fishing… You might even come across a surfer.In the neighborhood of Itapuã is the Parque Metropolitano Lagoas e Dunas do de Abaeté , a park of great cultural and environmental value for the city, where you will not miss places to walk, in the center of this park is located the lagoon of Abaeté , a symbol of the city.

In the afternoon in Itapuã you can also cross with a verse of the great poet Vinícius de Moraes who sings about how warm it can be to dive in the warm waters of Itapuã and don’t fail to taste a fruit from a Bahian’s stand.Talking about love in Itapuã .

Hotels in Itapuã

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