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Where to stay in Iquique

What is the best area to stay in Iquique?

Iquique is a privileged tourist destination because of its warm climate (it only rains fifteen days a year) its beaches, its shopping (it is a free zone) and its natural environment full of national parks.

The best area to stay in Iquique is the area near La Cavancha beach. La Cavancha beach is the best beach in Iquique, the one with the most atmosphere and the one that allows swimming.the central area of the beach is occupied by the Yacares theme park and other facilities so there are no accommodation options.The southern zone is the one that concentrates the best hotels in Iquique, next to it and with a good nightlife, is the best zone for a vacation stay. to the north, the hotels are older but close to the beach and have a good offer of restaurants. the hotels are usually high buildings that offer rooms with good views of the sea.

The picturesque centre with its wooden houses is close by and well worth a visit. To buy Iquiqe has two large malls: the Zofri, oriented towards technology, and the Playa de las Americas, oriented towards clothing shops.

In the map that shows the area of Cavancha Beach you can find the he best hotels to stay .

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The center of Iquique, the other area where to stay

If the beach is not our priority in our visit to Iquique and we want to get into its history and its most authentic charms we can stay in the center of the city.Here the hotels are not so modern but can be more economical if our budget is tight.

Among the attractions of downtown Iquique highlights The Plaza Prat and the Paseo Peatonal Baquedano.the Plaza Prat is the historic heart of Iquique and is always full of life.The Clock Tower, image of all the postcards of Iquique, stands out in the center and the historical buildings that surround it like the Municipal Theater and the Croatian Club.

From the Prat Square starts the Baquedano Pedestrian Walk, a piece of the history of Chile that should not be missed in a visit to Iquique.Afterwards we can have lunch in some of the numerous restaurants or buy typical crafts of the area.

Other attractions that we can’t miss in the centre are the Museo de la Corbeta Esmeralda, highly recommended to visit with children; the Museo Regional de Arqueología, free and surprising, and the Mercado Central de Iquique where we can admire the variety of fish of the region.

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