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Where to stay in Santiago de Chile

Best places to stay in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile has been considered one of the best travel destinations in South America and the ideal capital for business.

Although most of the civic life of the country takes place in the center with the government palace, government buildings and plazas, the best areas to stay in Santiago are Lastarria and Bellavista where the urban and artistic movement takes place, and where the best hotel offer for your accommodation is .Lastarria is a neighborhood that mixes tranquility and bohemian life, is the typical zone where you can find a wide range of museums and cultural centers such as the emblematic Centro Gabriela Mistral, Bellavista is also a cultural neighborhood and the meeting point for tourists and local art lovers, where the largest theater circuit in Chile is concentrated and its varied gastronomic offer makes it an irresistible neighborhood to have the perfect vacation.On your next visit to Chile, do not hesitate to stay in its best areas, exclusive, safe and located in the heart of Santiago.

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Lastarria and Bellavista, the best areas to stay in Santiago


Located in the northeast corner of Santiago, Lastarria is a historic neighborhood that in recent years has become the gastronomic, cultural and tourist center par excellence.It was declared an Official Typical Zone by Chile in 1997 and is located in the center of Santiago de Chile. The Universidad Católica and Bellas Artes subway stations are a direct access to the Lastarria neighborhood.

In the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro, located on José Victorino Lastarria street, you can find the historic house of the Peruvian painter Gil de Castro, which has been preserved over time.In its surroundings you can find a wide variety of cafes, bars, cinemas, theaters, museums, bookstores, galleries and cultural centers that give a bohemian and intellectual style to the area, where festivals and concerts are held, including the Teatro Lastarria 90, a space of creation and artistic experimentation.

In Merced Street, travelers can also find a luxury theater with the Teatro Popular Ictus, founded over 50 years ago.Since its creation, it has premiered over 80 plays that have featured the participation of hundreds of Chilean playwrights, actors and directors.

And if it’s about culture, visitors can find the GAM, Centro Gabriela Mistral, a cultural center that offers a variety of artistic creations: theater, dance, classical and popular music, visual arts and popular art.It specializes in the performing arts and has ten rooms for presentations and rehearsals, two rooms for seminars, two visual arts rooms, a recording studio and a library.

Located between Barrio Lastarria and the historic center, Parque Forestal is one of Santiago’s main tourist attractions, not only because of its green spaces with hundreds of trees and gardens, which offer a few minutes of rest to those who want to escape from the urban scene, but also because you will find a great cultural richness with the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center.It was built at the end of the 19th century and is similar to the parks in Europe.

As a note of interest, you can also find the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, the country’s main bibliographic center, founded in 1813, and the Parroquia de la Vera Cruz, a Catholic temple that is very popular with locals and tourists, the Basílica de la Merced and the Catedral de Santiago.

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The Bellavista neighborhood is located between the Mapocho River and the San Cristóbal hill.It is a residential neighborhood that has become an area of tourism, gastronomy and art, and enjoys a special attraction for nature lovers because of its huge San Cristobal hill and the Zoo.

It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood that retains a picturesque air, given by its colorful houses, where artists and writers have found their source of inspiration.Nemesio Antúnez, Pablo Neruda, Mario Baeza and Camilo Mori are some examples.

Its nightlife and commercial life runs among its more than 100 restaurants, boutiques and avant-garde galleries, in addition to numerous clubs and bars.

El Patio Bellavista is the center of leisure in Chile with about 90 shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants with a wide variety of national and international cuisine: Irish, French, Mediterranean, Italian, Peruvian, Arabic, etc. Among the shops are fine crafts, natural products, jewelry, fashion and accessories, among others.In Patio Bellavista you will also find an amphitheater and the Plaza Mayor, a space for live music and artistic activities.It has audio-guides in several languages.

For theater lovers, the Bellavista neighborhood is the perfect area because it has the largest number of theaters in Chile, with a total of 22 spaces and sheds, including the oldest sheds in Churre Manzur and Montecarmelo, and among its modern halls, the Mori Center and Memory Theater.

And if you prefer to see the city from the San Cristóbal summit, you can access the Parque Metropolitano de Santiago from the funiculars, go up on foot, by bicycle or by car.The Chilean National Zoo is the oldest in the country and was inaugurated in 1925, with a collection of over 1,000 animals and a zoo and cinema where you can watch documentaries on the animal world.

Another attraction is the Parroquia de Santa Filomena, also known as the Santa Filomena Church, and the Universidad San Sebastián Bellavista Campus.

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