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Where to stay in Valdivia

Which is the best area to stay in Valdivia?

The natural attractions and the historical particularities of its community have made Valdivia a highly appreciated tourist destination.

The best area to stay in Valdivia is the city center where you can find the main tourist attractions and the commercial activity of the city. Among the attractions that we can find in the center of Valdivia we can highlight the River Market, with its variety of fish and sea lions watching you, the Paseo de la Costanera, which borders the rivers Valdivia and Calle-Calle and the O’Brien Naval Museum, which allows us to tour an authentic submarine.Walking across the river Valdivia we can access Isla Teja where there are two essential visits: the Botanical Garden and the Saval Park.The commercial activity of the center of Valdivia can be found in the surroundings of the Ramon Picarte Avenue, its main commercial street.

The hotels of Valdivia do not stand out for their quality.A good alternative for accommodation is to rent a cabin with all services.

In the map that shows the center of Valdivia are located a selection of the best hotels to stay .

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Where to stay in the province of Valdivia

In addition to the attraction of the capital, the province of Valdivia is an emerging tourist destination due to its exuberant nature.The commune of Panguipulli stands out, a region that combines lakes, rivers and volcanoes where you can relax or practice adventure sports. The destinations with more accommodation capacity in the area are the city of Panguipulli, Neltume and Coñaripe.

  • Panguipulli: capital of the commune of the same name and located two hours and a quarter from Valdivia, Panguipulli is the largest city in the region.The commune that sells its tourist destination with the slogan “Destination Sietelagos” has a wild natural attraction that allows the practice of many outdoor activities, from rafting or kayaking on its lakes and rivers, to hiking and biking in its parks and nature reserves.
  • Neltume: located about 20 minutes from Panguipulli, is a good place to establish our base to visit the region.Located on the banks of the river Fuy in the middle of nature, it stands out for its wood craftsmanship.
  • Coñaripe: 45 minutes from Panguipulli, Coñaripe is the starting point to visit the tourist centers that are part of the Thermal Route as well as the Villarrica Sur National Park.

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