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Where to stay in Valparaiso

What is the best area to stay in Valparaiso?

If you are looking for where to stay in Valparaiso you will surely love being located in the heart of the heritage area, between the Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción , the best area of Valparaiso, near the best restaurants, bars, small cafes and viewpoints of the city.Stay in the heritage area of Valparaiso and you will understand why it has been declared by UNESCO, a world heritage site.

The view of the bay and the architecture which is adapted to the hills is the main attraction of Valparaiso.The fact that Spanish colonial architecture was intertwined with other non-Hispanic European styles, especially Victorian, which were brought to this port by British immigrants, and developed extensively during the 19th century, has left an original and indelible mark on the city’s layout.

Other attractions that we can access on foot from the heritage area are La Sebastina , Pablo Neruda’s house; the Paseo Gervasoni , spectacular viewpoint over the port; and the Reina Victoria Elevator , built in 1902 and a worn Valpo pin.

In the map that shows the best area to stay in Valparaiso are located a selection of the best hotels where to stay.

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Where to stay in the Valparaíso region

Besides Viña del Mar, the other great tourist destination in the region along with Valparaíso, the other two great tourist destinations are Algarrobo and Concón, two alternative beach destinations to Viña del Mar since Valparaíso is not a beach destination.

  • Algarrobo: located an hour’s drive south of Valparaíso, it is one of the most popular beach destinations on the central coast of Chile, among its many beaches, the most popular are El Canelo and El Canelillo, and it is also known worldwide for having the largest swimming pool in the world, located in the San Alfonso del Mar residential complex and fed by sea water, an eccentricity not to be missed.
  • Concón: Located about 35 minutes by car from Valparaíso, heading north and past Viña de Mar, Concón is the city next to Viña del Mar and part of the Valparaíso Metropolitan Area.In addition to the attraction of its beaches in the summer season, Concón has great natural attractions such as the Aconcagua River Wetland and the Concón Dunes.


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