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Where to stay in Viña del Mar

What is the best area to stay in Viña del Mar?

Near Santiago and Valparaiso, Viña del Mar is the main tourist destination in Chile after the capital In summer, the high season, the city is full of Chilean vacationers and Argentine tourists who come to enjoy its beaches and all its recreational offers.Recognized all over the Spanish-speaking world for its music festival, Viña del Mar figures in the South American imagination as a dream holiday destination.

The best area to stay in Viña del Mar is the central area adjacent to the Casino. Close to the beaches and the city center, this area is known as the gastronomic area of Viña del Mar. Besides the succulent offer of restaurants, we can also find the largest concentration of bars or “pubs” for a drink at night.

An alternative area to stay is the neighborhood of Reñaca under , distinguished by its beaches, entertainment and cuisine, but somewhat distant from the city center.

On the map showing the best area to stay in Viña del Mar , there is a selection of the best hotels where to stay.

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The central area adjacent to the Casino, the best sector to stay in Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar , also known as Ciudad Jardín , is the perfect mix of avant-garde buildings, 4 km of white sand beaches, large green areas and a varied offer of hotels, artistic, cultural, gastronomic and recreational activities.However, the favorite area to stay, when we visit this tourist destination, is the central area adjacent to the Casino Municipal , located in the Region of Valparaiso in the Avenida San Martin 199 , near the center of the city and the Avenida Peru , where we can enjoy a typical and quiet walk along the beach.

If we walk a little further, we will find the Muelle Vergara , a tourist attraction famous for its gardens, gastronomy, commerce and particular structure, remodelled in 1983, from where you can observe the splendid bay of Valparaiso and the coastal surroundings of Viña del Mar ; Mall Marina , a modern and wide space with all the comforts to go shopping.

To reach the best area to stay in Viña del Mar , we must, after landing in the Santiago Airport , reach the Pajaritos Station , either by bus or by taxi, from where the buses leave to Valparaiso and its communes; there, you just have to board the bus that takes you to the Bus Station Viña del Mar , which is a few blocks away from this recommended area.

The central area is one of the main gastronomic sectors of Viña del Mar , where there are many restaurants specializing in both Creole and international food, highlighting the products of the sea, without forgetting the excellent wine production.

With respect to the nightlife, the bars and pubs are the protagonists; but, to live a unique experience in the central area, it is necessary to visit OVO NIGHTCLUB , the most important spot in the region, located on the second floor of the Casino , where we will be surprised with the intensity of the effects, the lights and the thematic parties.

The central area adjacent to the Casino is ideal to stay in Viña del Mar for its plurality and festive atmosphere, its welcoming spirit both during the day and at night and its proximity to the other attractions of the Ciudad Jardín .

Reñaca, the other area where to stay in Viña del Mar

To the north of Viña del Mar , we find Reñaca , one of the most exclusive sectors of the Gran Valparaíso , located 7 km (15 minutes) from downtown Viña del Mar , known for its extensive beach and the buildings that can be seen on the slopes of the hills.It perfectly combines the bohemian atmosphere with fun, outdoor activities and nightlife for all tastes. Reñaca Low, unlike Reñaca High, a more residential area, it becomes the epicenter of summer and vacation vibrancy for both locals and tourists.

Some places of interest that Reñaca has , apart from the beach, are the Plaza Reñaca , famous shopping center; Cochoa , a peaceful beach with a family atmosphere, with multiple restaurants, especially seafood; and, the Parque Natural Gómez Carreño , where you can see a great variety of fauna and flora endemic to the region.

Reñaca , also, offers us the alternative to experience a different end of the year through the Festival Pirotécnico del Gran Valparaíso , held every December 31.

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