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Where to stay in Bogotá: The best places

Are you going to visit Bogota? if so, then you should know which are the best areas to stay in Bogota.

Bogota is a charming place that you have to visit at least once in your life. It has everything a traveler could wish for: impressive architecture, both old and modern; a wide variety of museums, a great culinary offer that opens the door to flavors from all over the world, the best coffee in the world and a lively nightlife.

The best places to stay in Bogotá

1.La Candelaria

The historical center of Bogota is a place where history and modernity coexist.

The bohemian atmosphere and location near the main attractions of the Colombian capital are some of the main reasons to sleep in Bogota right here.

In the heart of La Candelaria and, therefore, of the city, is the Bolivar Square , home to the main buildings of the city, such as the National Capitol, the Cathedral of Bogota, the Museum of July 20th and the Palace of Justice.

From the square, you only have to walk five minutes to reach the Botero Museum. As you can guess, the collection revolves around the works of Fernando Botero, one of the most famous contemporary artists in the world, whose hallmark is his voluptuous representations of men, women, children and even animals.

Although the work of this artist is present in various exhibitions around the world, this museum’s is the largest of all, which is logical considering that Botero is originally from this beautiful country. The museum also displays some works by artists of the stature of Edgar Degas, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.

Another very interesting cultural attraction is the Gold Museum, where you will find thousands of pieces of pottery and silverware made by the indigenous cultures that inhabited Colombia before the arrival of the Spanish.

You must also visit the San Alejo Flea Market, which is held every Sunday and holiday at Carrera 7, on the corner of Calle 24. Here you can buy everything: antiques, handicrafts, paintings and other items of great historical value.

– Lodging in La Candelaria

2. Chapinero

Chapinero is another district that is recommended for lodging in Bogotá.It is a very wide area located between La Candelaria and the most northern neighborhoods of the Colombian capital.

It is a reasonably safe neighborhood, although at night it is advisable to take extreme precautions and not walk around the streets alone unnecessarily.It is a dynamic, well located neighborhood that has a reputation for being bohemian and tolerant. It is one of the preferred neighborhoods of the LGTBI community.We recommend you to order the chimichurri chontaduro en magret de pato, the merengón de guanábana or the posta negra cartagenera.

Apart from going out for dinner, Chapinero is the favourite place to enjoy Colombian coffee in one of its many cafés, some of which we recommend Amor Perfecto, Bourbon and Café Cultor.

Another thing you can’t miss in the neighborhood is to enjoy a walk through the eastern hills without getting too far from the city.

No matter what your budget and tastes in terms of accommodation, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Chapinero: from simple, low-cost hostels and pensions to luxury hotels, the G Zone offers the best deals in Chapinero to stay in Bogotá.

– Accommodation in Chapinero

3. Zona Rosa

If you don’t want to go to your hotel at sunset, then we invite you to take a tour of the best party district of the capital, located in the same town as Chapinero.

Known as Zona Rosa, it has a large number of bars and nightclubs. Friday and Saturday are the best days to come for a drink and dance with your friends or partner until the sun rises.Every night, it delights its customers with live performances by the DJs of the moment, which ensures an atmosphere that is hard to match.on the terrace you can enjoy a few drinks.

You also have to come to Alma, a three-storey nightclub that offers a good selection of electronic music, hip-hop and rock.

During the day, you can also find a lot to do in this area, such as haute couture designer boutiques and shopping in the Atlantis or Andinos shopping centres, the latter with more than 200 shops of well-known national and international brands.

There are many options for dining, both inside and outside of the above mentioned places. The Zona Rosa offers several alternatives for staying in Bogotá. The cost of the rooms ranges from 50 to 300 US dollars (between 45 and 265 euros).

4.Chicó and the Park 93

The Chicó is one of the best options to stay in Bogotá.It is an exclusive residential area, one of the best in the Colombian capital, where luxury buildings abound and it is full of bars, cafes and elegant restaurants.The area of this park and its surroundings is one of the best for hotel reservations.

If you consider yourself a nature lover and particularly enjoy bird watching, then you must visit El Virrey, a charming park where we can see about forty varieties throughout the year and more than thirty migratory species, whose stay is from October to March.

This category includes the Alligator Sparrowhawk, the Northern Nightjar, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, the Boreal Bibliotheca, the Flycatcher and the Peregrine Falcon, among other visitors.

This urban space rich in green areas is the venue for some of the most outstanding cultural events in the city.The property is a four hundred year old hacienda

In its interior, there are exhibits of ceramics, glassware, wood, gold and silver work, porcelain, textiles and glass from all over the world.

The location of the neighborhood in the most exclusive area of the city corresponds to the characteristics of the hotels, which are luxurious, mostly four or five stars.Therefore, those who wish to spend the night in an elegant hotel and enjoy first class services will find El Chicó a good neighborhood to stay in Bogotá.

5.Financial District

Chapinero is also home to the Centro Internacional de Bogotá, also known as the Financial District, which has an abundance of high-rise buildings, most of which house the headquarters of many national and international companies based in Colombia.The dynamic banking, commercial and institutional environment of the area makes it an ideal spot for those who come to the capital for business purposes.

It is easy to understand why modern, business class hotels with well-equipped meeting rooms and first-class restaurants abound.However, if you’re looking for more affordable alternatives in this area, you’ll find them here as well.

The Financial District is also known for its good connections. You can take one of the TransMilenio rapid transit buses to almost anywhere in the city.

In your free time, you can go to the Centro Comercial Avenida Chile and buy whatever you like in its boutiques, jewelry stores, perfumeries and well-known clothing, footwear, accessories, technology and telephone shops; improve your image in a beauty parlor or relieve stress by watching a movie at the cinema.

You should also make time to visit the National Museum of Colombia, the oldest in the country, which has over two thousand works that are part of the artistic and historical heritage of Colombia and the rest of the world.The museum regularly hosts concerts, dance and theater performances and audiovisual projections.

– Accommodation in the Financial District

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The town of Usaquén has preserved that air of people of the colonial period

, which can be seen in its buildings and cobbled streets.One of the most important material legacies sits on the Plaza de Usaquén, referring to the Parroquia Santa Bárbara, built in the seventeenth century.

If you wish, you can join the tour that is organized under the sponsorship of Cuadrante Cultural.In this way, you will get to know first-hand the elements that make up the architectural legacy of the town, as well as the history behind them.

Usaquén is also a place of great gastronomic wealth.Here you can find all kinds of restaurants, from the most traditional, which prepare exquisite homemade food, to those of haute cuisine, such as the menu of Chez Jack, which offers eels and squid with garlic, veal kidneys with sherry, tripe with Provence, and other delicacies of French cuisine.

If you fancy fish and seafood, then you must come to La Mar , a Peruvian food restaurant whose star dishes are ceviches, chaufa, lomo saltado and tiraditos, among others.Their menu contains elements of American and European cuisine at a reasonable price.

Here you will find a real delicacy, including beef stroganoff, carbonadas a la flamenca, cassoulet, veal escalope, chicken fricassee, Hungarian goulash, curried prawns, duck a la orange, grilled salmon and poached tilapia in salsa verde.

After lunch, you can enjoy a delicious dessert in the bakeries and pastry shops in the area, the most famous are Baked by Ana, La Folie Boulangerie, La Golconda, La Rosconería, La Tarta Patisserie and Santa Gloria, and you can also taste a sublime signature chocolate in Bluemoon and Chocotejas and Tejas.You can go to one of the pubs on 120 A Street or 6A Street to have a beer while listening to music or watching a soccer game. We especially recommend Cónclave, London Calling, The Eight Bells and The Pub.

The options for staying in Bogotá in this area include hostels, boutique hotels and complexes of major international chains.This means that you have a good chance of finding an alternative accommodation in Bogotá according to your needs within Usaquén.

– Accommodation in Usaquén

7.As with other neighborhoods and towns in Bogota, the architectural details of many of its buildings reveal different eras of its past.

One of its most impressive attractions is the El Campin Stadium, with a capacity for almost fifty thousand spectators.Following the remodelling carried out in 2000 on the occasion of the South American qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup and the 2001 America Cup, it became the best football venue in the country.

Another space that became a reference in Teusaquillo, especially after being rehabilitated, is the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park.

Among them: Virgilio Barco Library, High Performance Center, Popular Golf Course, Simon Bolivar Aquatic Complex, José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, Children’s Museum, Sports Palace, Simon Bolivar Central Park, El Salitre Recreational and Sports Park, Lake Park, El Salitre Park, Artisans Square and El Salitre Sports Unit.

It is, therefore, the ideal place to come as a family to walk, ride a bicycle, practice sports, swim or enjoy a barbecue or a picnic.

Finally, let’s talk about a third tourist attraction: the University City of Bogota, also called the White City, which is the largest campus in this South American country. The distribution of the buildings and facades of many of them are the result of the genius of the architect Leopoldo Rother.On the other hand, Ciudad Universitaria houses several museums, each specializing in a different subject: architecture, art, science, entomology, history, organology and paleontology.

In addition to being a fairly safe area, the central location makes Teusaquillo an excellent place to sleep in Bogotá.

Best Location Hotels in Bogota

If you are thinking where to stay in Bogota , in Best Location Hotels we propose the Zona Rosa and the Zona T as the best areas to stay . To the north of Bogota, is the recognized Zona Rosa, the privileged place of the Colombian capital . There, it develops most of the nightlife of Bogota . Walking you can reach the most attractive places in the area: from bars and restaurants to the largest shopping centers to do your shopping . It is the ideal place to walk, relax and let yourself be carried away by the vibrant atmosphere of the city .

If you are a fashion enthusiast, in the famous Zona T, located between 82nd and 13th streets, you will see the avant-garde boutiques with haute couture designs and showcases of national and international designers.Locals and travelers from all over the world consider the Zona Rosa as one of the most emblematic places in Colombia, ideal to live an experience full of good taste.

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Zona Rosa and Zona T, the best areas to stay in Bogota

With more than 7 million inhabitants, Bogota is located in the center of Colombia, on a vast plain in the Andes, it is the most important cultural center of the country and a meeting point for business.

To the north of the city, is the exclusive Zona Rosa, the entertainment sector of Bogota, located between 79th to 85th streets and carreras 11-15.In its restaurants, bars, casinos and bowling alleys, you can listen to good music, dance all night long to the rhythm of the popular vallenato, taste a traditional homemade beer or try one of its typical dishes, some creole potatoes with hot sauce or a succulent meat in the famous restaurant Andrés DC.Three decades ago, these streets were the streets of residential neighborhoods such as El Chicó, La Cabrera or El Retiro, which barely received visitors from other neighborhoods.

If you prefer to spend a whole day shopping, the Zona Rosa has stores, shops and shopping centers for all tastes.The Centro Comercial Andino stands out because of its atmosphere, security, services and more than 230 stores of national and international brands, which make it the best option for shopping and entertainment. Also, you can visit the Centro Comercial Atlantis Plaza, which offers exclusive brands and receives more than 400,000 visitors per month.

If you are looking for haute couture designs, in the Zona T you will find everything you are looking for.Named after the two pedestrian streets that form the letter “T”, in this sector is the street “La Vía al Sol” or Fashion Street, where you can admire the showcases of the most recognized designers in Colombia, which have positioned Bogota as the capital of design and fashion.

It is an area with a privileged location, where you can also enjoy the movement and fun of Bogota’s nights and a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. If you like to enjoy a beautiful view of the sector, there you will find the best places set with balconies.’, ‘

If you visit Bogota for work, the bars of the Zona T have become meeting points, frequented by businessmen and foreigners who come to the city to invest and do business.

The Zona Rosa is the best option to have safe accommodation, live the glamour of fashion and not miss a single detail of nightlife.

Hotels in the Zona Rosa

Other areas to stay in Bogotá

Besides the Zona Rosa, Bogotá also has other areas to stay.If you prefer the hectic movement of the historical center of the city or if you like the charm of a quiet and traditional space.

La Candelaria

It is the historical center of Bogota, its streets, walls and balconies show the colonial past and the independence movement of the city.The diversity of architectural influences that make the place a cultural space par excellence, as it is the center, is a strategic point to move within the city.

There is a wide range of hotels and hostels that enjoy the colonial charm, and are frequented by university students, backpackers and those visitors who prefer to live the city from its most authentic and urban.The area offers Spanish courses, salsa classes and guided tours for tourists, as well as nightclubs and bohemian-style bars, but caution is advised at night for the safety of the area.

In La Candelaria you can visit Plaza Bolívar, El Chorro de Quevedo, Monserrate, the University of Los Andes, as well as numerous churches, museums and places of heritage and tourist interest.

Hotels in La Candelaria


Located north-east of Bogotá, Usaquén is a place of colonial architecture.It is a residential and commercial town, which has become a center of tourist interest for its many restaurants offering national and international dishes, and its variety of small places to taste corn, wafers or empanadas; you will also see bars and pubs to have a good time with friends, share a beer and listen to music.

The famous Mercado de las Pulgas, which opens its doors every Sunday, offers a unique atmosphere full of gastronomy, crafts, antiques, and live music.

Among the main tourist attractions are: the Colonial Zone, Unicentro Shopping Center, Santa Ana Shopping Center, one of the most exclusive in the city, and Hacienda Santa Barbara Shopping Center, which mixes a colonial and modern style, since it was built on a colonial house.

Without a doubt, Usaquen is an area full of traditional history and a village atmosphere that attracts locals and foreigners looking to connect with a genuine style.

Hotels in Usaquen

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