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Where to stay in Medellín: better areas and districts

The best areas to stay in Medellín are El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles and to a lesser extent El Centro and Belén.

The best areas to stay in Medellín

As opposed to the alternatives for to stay in Medellín it is necessary to know the particularities of each area of the city:

1.El Poblado, the best area to stay in Medellin

elegant high class area , recognized in Medellin and all over Colombia for its high quality of life is undoubtedly the most sought after area to stay in Medellin for the quantity and proximity of services such as restaurants, cafes, theaters, shopping centers and cultural spaces.

is the safest area in the city , is the seat of financial and industrial conglomerates in Medellín, and also the one that offers the best nightlife , especially around Lleras Park.

This area, known as Commune 14 in Medellín, is divided into 23 neighborhoods that increase its urban diversity: El Poblado has a church, a museum, prestigious educational and cultural centers, and is even home to a local television channel called TeleMedellín.

All the world-class franchises are located on the streets of El Poblado.It is ideal for to walk and stroll by day or by night , while enjoying the urban environment and the hospitality of its inhabitants who do not exceed 660 thousand people.

Entering and leaving El Poblado is another advantage for tourists, since the area is connected to the main road arteries, which allows easy access to private vehicles and public transportation, with routes adjacent to the subway stations .


High end lodging

Estelar La Torre Suites : The most valued luxury hotel in El Poblado and without a doubt one of the best places to stay in Medellín.You will enjoy an airport transfer service as well as excellent facilities: fitness center, sauna, bar and restaurant, lounge and outdoor pool.You will also enjoy the services of a small apartment: refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. There is also a buffet breakfast service.

Mid range accommodation

Hotel Porton Medellin : Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Medellin, in front of the Santa Fe Mall, it stands out for its spacious rooms with comfortable and large beds.Exquisite décor throughout the hotel, as well as a great restaurant with international cuisine and a bar where you can relax and have a drink. It also offers its clients wellness services with a solarium, steam baths, and hydro-massage.

Low-end lodging

Lleras Premiun Hotel : The name says it all: Premium.Despite being within reach of every budget, the rooms are equipped with a bathroom, large beds, television and minibar. The hotel also offers you laundry, free WiFi and free tourist information service. It is an ideal accommodation to enjoy the night in Medellles as it is in the Lleras Park area.

2.Lleras Park, the best nightlife in Medellín

Its the favorite area for young people and contemporary adults who want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

And it is not for less: between Thursday and Sunday, the place gathers thousands of locals and national and foreign tourists that enjoy the variety of bars and cafes, besides its discos that organize thematic parties for all tastes and ages.

This sector is literally a park built in the 1930s inside El Poblado, with more than 40 houses around it, which today remain as its most traditional past. Today the area is home to more than 80 shops including cheap hostels, mid-range hotels, casinos, clothing boutiques, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Because of the intense partying, it is not recommended if you go with children or senior citizens.9 The bustle of the parties goes on until the early morning, and not infrequently, until dawn.

The area is safe The Medellín Police has a strict schedule for patrolling the areas most frequented by tourists.

Like most sectors of El Poblado, Lleras Park is close to the station of the Poblado subway (line A, you can get there on blue stripe trains) and the C3 001, C3 002, and 1 bus lines run through the area.Buses leave from Parques Lleras to tour the entire city.


High end lodging

The Charlee Hotel : One of the best options to sleep in Medellin and also in the most lively area of the city.If you don’t want to leave the hotel to enjoy the night, there is also a discotheque, sauna, gym, rooms with magnificent views, and breakfast included.

Mid range accommodation

14 Urban Hotel : You will enjoy a great restaurant and bar, 24 hour reception and airport transfer service, satellite TV, WiFi and family rooms, room service included. 100

Low range accommodation

Samán Hostel Medellín : One of the best rated accommodation in the area and very economical. There are common areas to read, rest or drink Colombian coffee and fresh fruit that the accommodation offers free of charge.If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Medellin in a good area this is your site.

3.La Candelaria – Center, to sleep in Medellin near the sightseeing

It is known as the southern area of Medellin.There tourists will appreciate the diversity of cultural sites to visit , among which are three museums, a cultural center, and more than 15 theater spaces.

Some of the most important tourist attractions in the neighborhood are the Metropolitan Cathedral , the well-known Plaza Botera , and the indispensable Museum of Antioquia .

This is an area where the architectural bastion of Medellín abounds : there are 13 churches spread throughout the area, and there are buildings of classic architecture from the 80s and 90s, as well as colonial architectural jewels. The best known are the National Palace, the Coltejer Center (one of the highest in the country) and the San Ignacio Building (built in 1803).

You don’t have to worry about transportation in Medellín, as it is the best area to move around in the city: 305, 135, 130A, 135 and 6C5.

If you prefer the metro , you can get off at one of the six stations (five on line A and one on line B) in the direction of tram you have three stations available, while by Metroplús (rapid transit transport with no traffic lanes) you can get on four stations of line 1 to reach La Candelaria.

In La Candelaria, security is a permanent challenge for the authorities in Medellín.If it is not necessary, , do not visit the center at night

There are no luxury hotels in this area The vast majority are cheap hotels .Those who are looking to stay in Medellín at low prices will find much lower prices in this area than in El Poblado.


Accommodation at low prices

Hotel Plaza Mayor Medellín : Five minutes walk from Plaza Botero, one of the best areas to stay in Medellín for those who want to be in the center of the city.Accommodations include American breakfast, cable TV, full bathrooms, WiFi, and minibar. 24-hour front desk, laundry service, and option of ordering therapeutic massages. You may also rent a car at the hotel’s front desk.

Hotel Medellín Central : Includes airport transfer and features modern interior and exterior design.There is also a 24 hour reception service and full rooms, even with a hair dryer. You will have a desk and WiFi if you want to take some work with you.

Ayenda 1246 3H Hotel : Besides being in downtown Medellín, this hotel has family rooms, which reduces the price, although there are also offers for couples.The rooms have bathrooms with bathtubs and hydro-massage, which are highly valued by couples and at very affordable prices.

4.Laureles, a good alternative to stay in Medellín

Laureles is a good neighborhood in Medellín where there are luxury residential buildings and mid-high range hotels and hostels .In Laureles the streets look clean and tree-lined , in the middle of a peaceful stay for tourists and local residents, most of whom are elderly.

The area is considered a urban heritage of the city.the few houses in the area date from the mid-twentieth century, most were converted into offices and local art galleries; others are offered as family lodgings but as an exclusive and limited service.

It is definitely a place to rest , and stay in Medellín away from the noise and traffic of fact, it is one of the favorite places for tourists to stay in Medellín, especially for the gastronomic offer, very rich in flavors and national and international specialties.

In Laureles you can walk by day without feeling insecure .

As a tourist, you can walk around the most popular places during the day, such as design shops, bars and in particular the coffee and pastry shops, where they prepare unique chocolate-based desserts and dishes using European techniques.

Without losing their quiet atmosphere, the hotels and the only university in the area usually organize cultural and artistic events on the historical sites of this area.

It is easy to get to Laureles Visitors can go through the metro , on line B, or by the transport routes identified with numbers 193, 195, 191 and 316.


Mid range accommodation

Hotel Laureles Plaza : Without a doubt, one of the best options in terms of value for money to stay in Medellín.Single and family rooms with all the equipment: desks, full bathroom or large flat screen TV’s. 24 hour reception, free parking for clients, restaurant, bar and currency exchange service.

Mid range accommodation

Hotel Dorado La 70 : Another good option to sleep in Medellín in Laureles is this complete accommodation with casino included.

Low range accommodation

Serendipity Hostel Boutique : Despite being a hostel it is one of the best rated accommodation to sleep in Medellin.You will have at your disposal a shared living room, you can bring your pet, shared kitchen with all the equipment, WiFi and 24 hour reception. If you travel in a group, you can book rooms for families.

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5. Belén, to get to know a typical Antioquia neighborhood

Belén is a mid-low income area that still has the roots of a Medellín town .Its modest streets are lined with small shops dedicated primarily to the preparation of typical foods such as buñuelos (doughnuts), papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes), or the famous empanadas (pre-cooked corn dough filled with cheese, meat, or chicken and fried in oil).

The center of Belén’s social and commercial activity is the park and church of Nuestra Señora de Belén in .In both places, integrated in the same public space, groups of tourists circulate every year to appreciate the church, one of the first constructions in the area in 1800. Inside there is a painting of Our Lady of Bethlehem, an artistic jewel of the 17th century.

The park has walkways made in the colonial era, combined with more modern metal seats.The park is home to many informal shops selling anything derived from Colombian ingenuity: from jewelry, to souvenirs, to clothes made by the inhabitants of Belén themselves.

Belén is a quiet place to take a daytime stroll , marvel at the picturesque landscape of grandparents playing dominoes on one side of the plaza, or participate in one of the bicycle tours they organize from there to other areas of Medellín.

Close to the area is the Los Molinos shopping center and a park-library with spaces where community artistic events are held.

If you choose it for to sleep in Medellín keep in mind that at night it is not advisable to go farther than the park and the church.Avoid the internal streets, towards the informal settlements. If you are going to leave and enter Belen in the early morning, do it by taxi.


Mid range accommodation

Hotel Zona Verde : Great hotel to stay in Medellín in a quiet area.Free private parking for clients, buffet restaurant, bar, and tourist service that organizes excursions in and around Medellín. rooms equipped with flat screen TV, closets, and full bathrooms. breakfast included in the price of the stay.

Economic lodging

Hotello : A charming hotel near Belen Park itself that offers single, double, and triple rooms.You will have a transfer service to the airport, free WiFi and a restaurant-bar with an outside terrace. Your stay includes a continental breakfast, room service and complete bathrooms.

6.Envigado, an elegant and safe area

Envigado disputes the category of best quality of life with El Poblado.And it’s no wonder: Envigado is an example of urban and tourist development in Colombia, in fact it is not a commune or a neighborhood, it is a municipality with 250 thousand inhabitants, nicknamed the Monaco of Colombia.

The tourist will hardly get bored in Envigado, because there is much to see and know. This area has 17 churches of classic and modern architecture, 12 reforested and thematic parks, rows of architectural buildings and museums and houses of culture everywhere.

The urban beauty of Envigado is due to the fact that 70% of the municipal budget is invested in public services and decoration, which makes it an attractive reference full of high-end restaurants, bars, shopping centers (one of them the largest in Colombia) and tourist tours to the most emblematic sites.

Envigado, unlike other areas, shares its urban boom with 2,744 hectares of virgin forest in its surroundings, where tourists can enjoy walks and extended stays in country houses.

From there you can see 381 species of flowers and 200 species of vertebrate fauna (fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians).Many call it the “paradise of Colombia”.

Transport to Envigado is easy. is 10 kilometers from downtown Medellin and 17 minutes by car. Medellin subway you can get off at the Envigado station on line A. If you prefer public transportation, you can take the units identified with the sign Gascony 2.

All these references make this place a very interesting alternative to stay in Medellín .


Mid range accommodation

Arame Hotel : A four star hotel in Medellín with very affordable prices.It has spacious air-conditioned rooms with armchairs and closets, private bathroom, and WiFi connection.It has a large garden and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. The price includes breakfast, room service, common areas such as a large lounge and WiFi. Leaving the car in the parking lot has a small added cost.

Low range accommodation

Bed & Breakfast Hotel Casa Zúñiga : In the northwest of the district, this small accommodation has its own outdoor pool. There is also a large garden and solarium.

What is the best area to stay in Medellin?

Also known as “La Tacita de Plata”, Medellin is the second most populated city in Colombia and in recent years, has become a reference of culture and innovation, leaving behind those years of violence that marked its history.Now it is a tourist destination, a business center and a route of modernity.

If you are wondering which is the best area to stay in Medellín, the answer is El Poblado , the privileged and safe area of the city.There you will find the Golden Mile, known as Medellín’s financial, commercial, and tourist zone in the heart of Poblado Avenue, with world-class shopping centers like La Strada and Oviedo, numerous restaurants, and a wide range of accommodations. In addition, if you are looking for nightlife venues, in the Zona Rosa, around Lleras Park, you will find multiple options because it is the epicenter of the city’s social life.

For the more relaxed visitor, El Poblado also has green areas like Parque Lineal la Presidenta or Parque Bosques de la Frontera and art centers like the Museo del Castillo.

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El Poblado, the best area to stay in Medellin

Medellin is the capital of the department of Antioquia and the second most populated city in Colombia, it is located in the Aburrá Valley, in the central mountain range of the Andes and extends along the banks of the Medellín River that crosses the city from south to north, it is a financial and industrial center, home to major national and international companies.In recent years, it has become one of the most innovative cities in Latin America, offering visitors multiple options for getting around the city: Metro, which crosses the metropolitan area from south to north, tramway, the Metroplús bus system, and Metrocable, a public transportation system using overhead cables.

The best area to stay in Medellín is El Poblado, the area of greatest economic importance in the city, where the Golden Mile is located.There you can find a wide range of hotels, as well as commercial and banking offices and modern buildings in the city; it is also the area with the most exclusive shopping malls like Oviedo, San Fernando, and La Strada Shopping Center.

In the area of El Poblado you can also find the most chic places for nightlife The best known area is the Zona Rosa, in the vicinity of Lleras Park, with restaurants and a wide range of cuisine from local to international proposals At night, you can find discos and bars for all tastes If you are looking for green areas to escape the dynamics of the city, we recommend the Parque Linear La Presidenta, a natural area in the heart of the city.

The Bosques de La Frontera Environmental Park is perfect for its fauna and flora and its extensive green area of more than 30,000 square metres and the Castle Museum in the heart of El Poblado, a medieval Gothic castle built in 1930 that houses a large collection of plastic and decorative arts from Europe and local artists.

Hotels in El Poblado

Other areas to stay in Medellín

La Candelaria

The La Candelaria area is located in the central-eastern area of the city and stands out for being the historical center.If you are looking to learn about the history and essence of Antioquia, we recommend you stay at La Candelaria, where you can take your tour on foot or use the Medellín Metro. In the Historic Center you should visit the Museum of Antioquia, the most important museum in the city, located at Plaza Botero.

Another destination is the Barefoot Park, a public space created to play and spend a pleasant time in the middle of the city, where you can take off your shoes and get in touch with nature.Candelaria is also home to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín on Bolívar Park and the Basilica Menor de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, the city’s most emblematic colonial religious center, located on Berrío Park, formerly the main square.

If you want to spend a day shopping, you can visit the Villanueva and Camino Real shopping centers.If you prefer to take a break, just a few minutes from La Candelaria, you can also visit the Botanical Garden, where you can have a picnic or visit the Orquideorama, a covered orchid garden.

The lodging offer in La Candelaria is much more limited than in El Poblado, but it is enough if you don’t want to stay in the historic center.30 hotels and some tourist apartments and hostels for those who want a more economical stay.

Hotels in La Candelaria

Los Laureles-Estadio

Laureles – Stadium is a privileged area of the city.It is the place for the gastronomic proposals and Nutibara Avenue is the obligatory stop to enjoy a Creole or international dinner or a typical informal meal. In Los Laureles-Estadio you will find many hotels with a great capacity of accommodation and shopping centres such as Unicentro and Viva Laureles.Very close to the Laureles-Estadio is the Cerro Nutibara, where the famous Pueblito Paisa is located, highly recommended for tourists.the Laureles-Estadio area has a varied bus route, as well as subway stations connected to the rest of the city and downtown.

Hotels in Laureles

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