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Where to stay in Asunción

What are the best areas to stay in Asuncion?

It is said that Asuncion is the city of shopping, for the quality, quantity and variety of national and international products and renowned designer brands that it offers.

And precisely in Villa Morra and Carmelitas , you will find the widest range of shopping malls and galleries for tourists who want to do their shopping.

These are the best areas to stay in the capital In recent years, have become the center of the latest trends in entertainment, shopping, fashion, nightlife and gastronomy. travelers can find supermarkets, galleries, hotels, pubs and discos, banks, financial firms and everything you need to live a pleasant experience.In addition, these areas offer security and rest to visitors, allowing their stay in the city of Asuncion to be quiet and relaxed.

Are you ready for some shopping? Enjoy the best areas of Asuncion and live the chic style of the Paraguayan capital.

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Villa Morra and Carmelitas, the best areas to stay in Asuncion

Located in the epicenter of South America, Asuncion is considered one of the most welcoming capitals of the continent, besides being catalogued as «the cheapest city in the world».

It is a versatile city that mixes old architecture with modern buildings, small shops in the neighborhoods with innovative shopping centers and traditional inns with luxury hotels. In Asuncion, you can enjoy the charm of the lapacho flowers, jacaranda, jasmine and orange blossoms.

It is a quiet city, but in the neighborhood Villa Morra the traveler will find the real capital movement.It is elegant, and most of its residents belong to the wealthiest families in the can walk through its streets or move along one of the main avenues of La Asunción, Mariscal López, which crosses Villa Morra and allows this neighborhood to become the «new center» of Asunción.

Villa Morra is the neighborhood number 42 of Asunción, belonging to the district of La Recoleta and is located between España Avenue, Mariscal López, José de San Martín and Santísimo Sacramento Avenue.As a fact, its name comes from the surname of the founder and owner of the Asuncion Tramway Company, the Italian doctor Francisco Morra.

In the area, you can find the best shopping malls, ideal for those who love to go shopping.the Villa Morra Shopping, one of the most important, is perfect for buying gifts or typical souvenirs.It was founded in 1978 and was the only shopping center in Paraguay for fourteen years. The most exclusive brands can be found in its more than 90 shops. It also has a food court, with fast food and international cuisine franchises, 3D movie theaters and a space to play bowling with the family.

Another of the most outstanding shopping centres is Shopping Mariscal, where you will find fun for the whole family, with shops of national and international brands, for all tastes and to suit all budgets.

Other outstanding sites in the area are Villa Morra Hall, a shopping gallery with an innovative proposal, and the Mariscal López Convention Center, which offers sophisticated facilities for holding events.

For its part, Paseo Senador Long is known as the fashion area.It is a new shopping center with art galleries where paintings by local and foreign artists, decoration and furniture shops, fine silver and murano glass houses, cafes and restaurants offering from first class meats to a wide range of sushi.There, you will also see a variety of luxury stores and showcases of national and international designers, as well as products made in India or Thailand that offer an extravagant air and bronze pieces and iron furniture, very attractive for tourists: Damascus, specialist in imported fabrics and accessories for decoration; Persepolis, Belgian, Persian and Oriental carpets; Kenny’s, fashion for babies and children from 0 to 6 years old; Constanza Blanquería, with lines of sheets, duvets, covers, pillows, curtains; Casa Di Milano, specialists in cedar furniture with leather and rattan; Jesapé, sale of lamps and many more.

An infinite number of restaurants with the best international cuisine will make you live a unique experience in Villa Morra and Carmelitas.If you prefer to try the typical dishes of the area, you can try the traditional Paraguayan soup known as Chipa guazú or any of its dishes based on beef and pork, especially the asado.

Paseo Las Carmelitas is the most exclusive place in La Asunción, the center of gastronomy and entertainment, where you will find the meeting point of the nightlife of the city, a walk with the best restaurants (Sushiclub, Nachorey, Boi Preto, Bellini), bars and clubs (Cover Singing Bar, Kilkenny, El Bar, Moby Dick) of all tastes and prices.

Another attraction in the area if you visit the city on business is the Carmelitas Center, a center where events, dinners, conventions, seminars and business meetings are held in its multifunctional rooms.

Paraguayans are usually hospitable and tend to provide an excellent service to tourists from all over the world and the city enjoys an extraordinary climate, with an average temperature of 25º during the year.

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