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Where to stay in Punta del Este: The best places

Punta del Este is an exclusive resort located on the southern coast of Uruguay, one of the most appreciated tourist sites in South America.There is a reason why it is also known as the South Miami, the Latin Ibiza or the American Saint-Tropez.

It is so much its tourist attraction that the Brazilians, although they have beautiful beaches in their country, every year overflow the tourist infrastructure of Punta del Este .It is also a favorite vacation spot for Argentines, Europeans and Americans, including musical, sports and artistic celebrities.

The best areas to stay in Punta del Este

Because of the diversity of accommodations, choosing where to sleep in Punta del Este may depend on the neighborhood the tourist chooses.


The Peninsula is one of the best known neighborhoods for to stay in Punta del Este because it is located in the center It is ideal for tourists who visit this destination for the first time, as it offers an extensive offer of services of all kinds and much leisure .

Undoubtedly, a reference in this area is the Gorlero Avenue This road artery consists of no less than 10 blocks where visitors can find restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars, exchange houses, casinos, theaters, bookstores, cinemas, art galleries, ice cream shops, pharmacies and exclusive clothing and footwear stores.

The visitor can enjoy all these services in clean streets, adorned with palm trees that wind in rows along the entire road artery. In this neighborhood converge sophisticated towers of up to 20 floors and low houses located after the street 15.

It is a very busy area , which is traveled on foot, especially in summer.The rest of the year it is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The area is safe , you can breathe a sense of tranquility, but without bordering on boredom.In high season, it is usual to find cultural activities and entertainment street map, which includes the presence of craftsmen, jugglers and living statues.

As it is located in the city centre, there are many means of transport , even from Montevideo, the is probably the most practical place from where you can enjoy Punta del Este and its surroundings.

– Accommodation in Peninsula

2.Aidy Grill/San Rafael

Aidy Grill,next to Peninsula, is a wooded area that stands out for its safety and comfort It has an advantage that other neighborhoods would like to have: it is close to everything the visitor needs.

is very close to the Mansa and Brava beaches (the most popular) and the center of the city in Peninsula.From this neighborhood it is very easy to reach Pedragosa Sierra Avenue, where you can find different shops and the Gourmet Boulevard , epicenter of the the most recognized restaurants of Punta del Este .

The neighboring neighborhood of Aidy Grill is San Rafael , a clearly residential area where tourists stay in chalets or large houses with large gardens ideal for resting in peace, free of the youthful revelry of other areas.It is a neighbourhood with an European air , far from the coastal dynamics of Punta del Este.

Its streets are surrounded everywhere by abundant pine trees, planted at the beginning of 1940 to prevent the advance of the strips of is a quiet neighbourhood , of rest, with asphalted streets and surrounded by much greenery.San Rafael has the advantage of being very close to haute cuisine restaurants, supermarkets and the Punta del Este shopping center, the Punta Shopping.

San Rafael is also very few meters away from Playa Brava , known for the monument of the fingers, which simulates a giant hand buried in the sand leaving only the tips of the five fingers visible.

Both Aidy Grill and San Rafael are two excellent options for to stay in Punta del Este .

– Accommodation at Aidy Grill and San Rafael

3.Rincón del Indio

If there is something about the Rincón del Indio neighborhood it is that it is away from the crowds This area of Punta del Este is surrounded by nature, with local vegetation such as pine trees and eucalyptus.Its geographical location makes it a privileged area: it is right in the middle of Playa Brava and the center

Tourists can stay in Rincón del Indio and forget, for example, the heavy traffic of the center and, at the same time, the strident atmosphere coming from the usual Playa Brava parties.

In the summer this area is very busy, while the rest of the year it is usually a bit lonely.there are many houses and country settlements with garages, gardens and swimming pools for the whole family.because of its lovely greenery some celebrities of the Argentinean television have their summer shelter in this area.

Those who stay in this neighborhood enjoy its serene and relaxed atmosphere .If you take line 16 from any unit in Punta del Este it will leave you near Rincón del Indio, although if you rent a bike you can get to know its peaceful streets and, because of the proximity to everything, you will surely arrive faster at your destination.

– Accommodation in Rincón del Indio

4.La Barra

A former fishing village, this neighbourhood is connected to Punta del Este by the emblematic Leonel Viera Bridge , an unforgettable structure due to its undulating shape.Whoever goes to Punta del Este has a picture with this bridge.

La Barra attracts the attention of tourists by its beaches, where locals and strangers practice surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, or windsurfing, among others water sports .

This neighborhood, where rustic houses with low ceilings predominate, is an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility of its natural sites , and its natural and rustic environment, where there are restaurants, bars and bowling alleys , but also antique shops, art galleries and craft market.

La Barra is an emblematic area for its VIP parties and for hosting artistic and cultural shows.the routine is clear in La Barra: during the day you can enjoy the sun and the strong waves and at night you can relax in some of its places.

Many of those who do not choose it for sleep in Punta del Este , mainly young people and contemporary adults, move from other parts of the city to fulfill this ritual.

Getting to La Barra is easy, if you come by car you must drive on the Interbalnearia route and then continue on Avenida Antonio Lussich, take the perimeter avenue until you reach the famous undulating bridge.

– Lodging in La Barra

5.Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena is chosen for lodging in Punta del Este for the privileged view that allows to live unforgettable sunsets in front of the Atlantic Ocean.It is an area that evokes connection and respect for nature.

The name of this neighborhood is due to the fact that, from the air, the whole area is shaped like a sleeping whale.

The area has two wide beaches of calm water : the first one is Portezuelos , much more crowded and famous for the high activity of jet skis, the second beach is called Solanas .The second beach is called Solanas , much quieter and less crowded, it is very popular with large families and has inflatable slides, an attraction for the children of the house.

Punta Ballena, also has inns where tourists enjoy the views and take a picture for posterity.This area has restaurants that serve food based on seafood There are also options to eat red meat and salads, as well as international sweets and drinks

Along the coast of Punta Ballena there are caves and cliffs It is a unique experience to walk barefoot among these rock formations, although it is not recommended to go with children.

Anyone who goes to Punta Ballena cannot leave without visiting Townhouse It is 13 floors of a very white structure, built without plans in the middle of a rock formation, a symbol and architectural pride of the area

– Accommodation in Punta Ballena


Solanas is an area known in Punta del Este, mainly because of the beach that has the same name, this beach and its surroundings stand out in the taste of tourists for three key factors: is quiet , is not so crowded and also, after Punta Ballena, is the best place in Punta del Este where you can see the sunset .

The waters are calm , almost like a natural swimming pool.this beach has little wind and low depth.these two conditions make it the favorite beach of families who live in Uruguay, and also of those who come from abroad.

Decades ago it was the beach that was most crowded in summer.the reason?It is the first beach that tourists get if they come from Montevideo by car or collective transport.

This beach is the favourite one of those who arrive by yacht to contemplate the postcard view of the place.

Solanas is a sought after place to find the tranquility and serenity , while sharing it with the family in the midst of the convulsive affluence of tourists in summer.

– Accommodation in Solanas


Manantiales is the fashionable neighbourhood of Punte del Este and it is because it is the settlement of luxurious mansions of show business celebrities and it is also a favourite shopping area for families of political figures from Argentina and Brazil.

It is common for the wife, sister or cousin of the minister or vice minister of some of these countries to be seen shopping in some of their exclusive boutiques or art and decoration stores.

It is a wealthy area of 40 blocks where hardly more than 200 inhabitants live in total, according to the latest reports of the demographic census.However, in high season (summer) the neighborhood is crowded with tourists who enjoy a glamorous service of gastronomy and lodging. .

Tourists also enjoy the beaches of Manantiales.Although they have strong waves, they are visited all year round by young people who practice surfing and kitesurfing Their most famous beach is Bikini Beach, a place for to see and be seen There is an abundance of bronzed sculptural bodies and the display of opulence

Tourists and high class personalities converge there in artistic shows, sporting events and fashion shows.

is an area with a lot of traffic of people who walk until dawn without problems In low season (autumn-winter) Manantiales recovers its aspect of old fishing village: you can see fishermen on the beaches and fishing competitions are organized between clubs.You can get there by taking bus lines 16, 25 and 3A.

– Lodging in Manantiales

8.Laguna del Sauce

A water mirror of more than 5 thousand hectares that serves as the largest freshwater reserve in the region of Maldonado.This is Laguna del Sauce , whose depth on the shores reaches six meters, while the center reaches 15 meters deep and can be used for fishing and canoeing.

The Laguna, surrounded by extensive forest vegetation , has a small beach authorized for swimming.It is used to relax and get out of the beach circuit that marks the tourist offer of Punta del Este.

There are areas of the lagoon that are not suitable for swimming, due to the presence of seaweed that deteriorate water quality.Laguna del Sauce is an area of Punta del Este for to get away from the urban movement .

There the tourists give themselves to the tranquility that provides this lagoon surrounded by at least seven hills: Lo Zorros, Las Cumbres, Aconcagua, La Gloria, El Escondido, Sierras de las Ánimas and Pan de Azúcar.

La Laguna has a movie ride , where families and friends can walk or bike, even at night, because in its wooden walkways there are lanterns that lead to the entrance of the Club Lago, a place for which you do not need to be a member to enter and enjoy its facilities equipped with restaurant, swimming pool, ten tennis courts and a golf course.

Laguna del Sauce can be reached by car by taking kilometer 116.5 of the Interbalnearia route.

– Lodging at Laguna del Sauce


Chihuahua has been famous in the world since the 60’s.Germans, Italians and Spaniards visited it for the freedom to walk without clothes in any stretch of its 2 kilometers of fine sand that make up this unique beach.

Despite its popularity as nudist beach was not until 2000 when the authorities declared it the first nudist beach in that South American country.

To date it is very popular with people of all ages, including families with their children.The area is as natural as its own visitors, surrounded by bushes, pines and paradisiacal places and a stream that flows into the beach, besides naked bodies there are herons, storks and wild birds of different species.

This place has a particularity: the gastronomic and tourist offer is adapted to serve customers without clothes .Many seek to know this beach, especially every summer where thousands of seasonal visitors converge as God brought them into the world.

– Lodging in Chihuahua

Lodging in Punta del Este

Lodging in Punta del Este is not difficult.The resort has accommodations for all budgets and tastes : from luxury hotels, mid-range boutique hotels to inns and hostels with accessible costs.

Another option are the big summer houses that work as hostels with very economic prices.the attraction of these houses, besides the attention and good service, is the unavoidable barbecue area (grill or parrillada), very popular in Uruguay.

The climate is a detail to consider in Punta del Este. In the summer (from December to March ) the highest amount of tourists is registered, so if you plan to visit the city during that season, book in advance. Punta del Este receives an average of 400 thousand tourists in the summer, something that surpasses by far the 20 thousand people who live there.

Autumn (from April to the first days of July) is an excellent time to get to know Punta del Este in depth, beyond its majestic beaches and away from the social hustle and bustle of summer.

– Accommodation in Punta del Este

Cheap accommodation in Punta del Este

Just as there are affordable options in gastronomy and entertainment, it is also possible to find cheap accommodation in Punta del Este within reach of every pocket.

The cheapest are the hostels , with shared bathrooms, at affordable prices These places offer travelers clean and well-stocked rooms with basic services

There are also low-end hotels , with picturesque facades and managed by families who offer a good room, with private bathroom and breakfast included.The prices vary according to the proximity or distance to the beach or the city centre.

– Cheap accommodation in Punta del Este

Apartments in Punta del Este

The offer of available apartments is high and they are an excellent option to sleep in Punta del Este In recent years there has been a proliferation of urban and tourist complexes with the capacity to meet the high demand in summer.

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