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Where to stay in Santa Lucia

What is the best place to stay in St Lucia

If you have decided to spend your holiday on the lush island of St Lucia , with its lush and impressive peaks and palm-lined beaches, you will want to find the place that best suits your needs. Gros Islet , in the north of the island, is one of the most popular tourist destinations and offers families, couples and friends fine white sand beaches, water sports and a vibrant nightlife. Castries , on the west coast, is the capital of St. Lucia and a fabulous place for history lovers. it is close to the airport and has the most important ferry terminal on the island, from which you can make excursions to Martinique and beyond.

South of Castries is Soufriere , known as one of the best honeymoon destinations in St. Lucia.With the lush Pitons Mountains as a backdrop, a dormant volcano, nature trails through rainforests and a busy waterfront, it’s like a movie set. Cap Estate offers abundant luxury spas and a golf course in a quiet location next to all kinds of amenities, while Marigot Bayis is a picturesque cove of crystal blue waters and yachts, popular with writers, artists and nature lovers.

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Best places to stay in St. Lucia

Gros Islet

Gros islet is located in the northern tip of St. Lucia.The island is only 43 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide, so it can be easily reached from Hewanorra International Airport – the island’s main airport – in less than an hour and a half.Gros Islet is recommended for families, couples and groups of friends looking to stay in a lively place with the best nightlife in St Lucia.the village has a sandy beach guarded by palm trees with water sports and restaurants, and every Friday night there is a street party where tourists can dance, eat, drink and mingle with the locals.

If you want to venture a few miles along the coast, on Isla Paloma you will find the ruins of the fort and barracks, which date back to 1700.It’s an ideal area for hiking and diving, and ReduitBeach – St. Lucia’s most famous beach – is nearby in Rodney Bay. There’s plenty to keep visitors of all ages entertained, with a water park, colorful street markets, and boat trips to nearby islands. Gros Islet’s hotels combine 3-, 4- and 5-star accommodations, all-inclusive resorts, villas and studios to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Nested on the west coast is the lively village of Castries, the island’s capital, home to St Lucia’s second (and smaller) airport and the main ferry port, serving Martinique.It’s a great place to stop for a cruise and a great place to stay if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the island where you can find local products, colonial buildings, beautiful parks, squares and cathedrals.

The wonderful beaches of Vigie and Choc are easily accessible from the centre and the ferry port, so even if you’re thinking of stopping just for a few hours, you’ll still have the opportunity to get some sun.There is also a selection of luxury resorts, guest houses with character, studios and apartments that will meet all your needs.

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Soufriere is located about 42 kilometres south of Castries on the west coast, just over an hour’s drive from Hewanorra International Airport.It is St Lucia’s most recommended destination for couples and newlyweds as it is located near the picturesque Sugar Beach and nestled among the green peaks of the Pitons. The scenery is stunning, with lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and fine sandy beaches flanked by palm trees. You can spend a few days of leisure exploring the botanical gardens, taking a dip in mineral baths, or hiking through rainforests and waterfalls.If you like photography, take a guided hike through the jungle to the top of Gros Piton and enjoy the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and its coastline.

In the evening, enjoy a romantic dinner or cocktail party near the beach as the sun range from affordable inns and vacation homes to luxurious spa resorts that cater to your every need.

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Cap Estate

At the northern end of the island, about 3 kilometres from the lively Gros Islet, is the quiet village of Cap Estate.It is perfect for those who want to stay in a quiet place, but still have access to the services, beaches and lively nightlife that are a 10 minute taxi ride away.There is a golf course for those who wish to improve their swing during their stay, and a selection of restaurants where you can sample the delicious island food.

If you are looking for a good spot to kite surf, head to Plantation Beach on the east coast; for hiking and diving into the history of Isla Paloma, go west; or if you want beach bars, restaurants and shops, head to Reduit Beach or Rodney Bay, which are 15 minutes away.Cap Estate hotels are a combination of apartments, elegant guesthouses and luxurious resorts that families and couples will love.

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Marigot Bay

Located about 14 kilometers south of the capital, Castries, Marigot Bay is a hidden corner suitable for couples, families and lone travelers.The place is situated in a beautiful horseshoe bay surrounded by lush hills and yachts that rise and fall in the turquoise waters. The bay has inspired several novels and films and is an area of great historical importance since several battles between the French and the English were fought here.

There are several dusty restaurants along the shore, a selection of luxury hotels and elegant and charming accommodations that cover all kinds of needs.If you want to spend a day in Castries, it’s less than half an hour’s drive, and the stunning Pitons are less than an hour away.

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