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Where to stay in Caracas

What is the best area to stay in Caracas?

Caracas is the most welcoming city in South America.

Altamira and Chacao are the most privileged areas of Caracas, where you can find a wide range of hotels with exclusive services. They are strategically located in the east of the city and represent the meeting point for shopping, culture, entertainment, nature and nightlife.Altamira is the area of gastronomy and cultural centers of tourist interest, as well as the meeting point with nature: El Ávila and the Parque del Este, are at the top of the list.Chacao is the area of shopping tourism, since there are the most important shopping and entertainment centers in the capital; as well as a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife venues.

If Caracas is your next destination for holidays or business, you can undoubtedly stay in Altamira and Chacao, the most exclusive, dynamic and safe areas of the Venezuelan capital.

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Altimira and Chacao, the best areas to stay in Caracas


Altamira is considered one of the best areas in Caracas to stay.The reasons for this are countless, its most famous square is Plaza Francia, also called Plaza Altamira, from where you can admire the city’s landscape, take a break or enjoy the famous Book Fairs or any other cultural initiative that takes place there.In the square itself, there is a Caracas Metro station, a transport system to move around the city, as well as a Metrobus stop. In Altamira, you will find three of the main avenues of Caracas: Francisco de Miranda, Luis Roche and San Juan Bosco Avenue.

In this area you will find a wide gastronomic proposal from the typical Venezuelan dishes: the famous arepa reina pepiada, the tequeños, the pabellón, the hallaca, the asado negro, to the international dishes that enjoy the Creole style mixed with the migratory currents that grew in the city: Pacífico, Aprile, Barako or El Alazán.

For nature lovers and outdoor activities, there is the Waraira Repano National Park, known as the Avila, the icon of Caracas, which can be admired from any point of the Venezuelan capital, but it is from the area of Altamira, where we can see it in its greatest splendor.Locals and tourists alike visit this surprising hill, which can be visited in different ways: on foot, by car or by cable car, but it is preferable to visit it during the day, as it covers more than 80,000 hectares and has an abundance of flora and fauna. If you stay in the exclusive area of Altamira, you can reach the Avila through multiple entrances, one of the best known being the Sabas Nieves entrance.

A few meters from Altamira, you can reach the Parque Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda, popularly known as Parque del Este, the favorite place of runners in Caracas, with a large green area, hiking trails, fountains, artificial lakes, an acoustic shell, the Planetarium Humboldt and the Terrarium.

For those in love with the performing arts, at the Fundación Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos (Celarg) you will see a wide range of plays and exhibitions.Another option for those who enjoy cultural activities is PDVSA La Estancia, also known as Centro de Arte La Estancia, an old coffee plantation with large gardens, which preserves the tradition of Caracas. There are exhibitions of national and international artists, concerts, seminars, plays, workshops and much more.


Without a doubt, the Chacao area is characterized by being the epicenter of shopping in Caracas. If you decide to stay in this area, you will find two of the most important shopping centers in the capital.

The Sambil Shopping Center is the center of shopping, services and entertainment par excellence.

It has over 500 national and international brand stores, five levels of shops and four levels of parking, with a security system to protect visitors, a marine aquarium, a jewelry center, movie theaters, food fair and an amphitheater where concerts are held, an amusement park, bowling and the only Hard Rock Café in Caracas.

The San Ignacio Center is an architectural complex of shops, offices and nightclubs, its unique design earned it a special mention in the international architecture award Mies Van Der Rohe. It has more than 300 shops and terraces distributed over its five levels, and is the center of social life and nightlife in Caracas, where the most popular bars, clubs and pubs in the city are grouped, with a wide variety of styles.

In the cultural field, you can visit the Teatro Municipal de Chacao, an avant-garde orange play with a capacity of almost 600 spectators, where plays, cultural activities and concerts are held.

Other areas to stay in Caracas

Las Mercedes

It is a mainly commercial and business urbanization located in the east of Caracas, which has luxury hotels for an unparalleled stay.It is known for its discos, bars and nightlife venues, as well as popular areperas where you can taste this typical dish. It has many shops and boutiques of renowned Venezuelan designers such as Carolina Herrera and emblematic shopping centers.

The El Tolón Shopping Center, offers exclusive shops and a varied proposal of local and international cuisine.On its luxurious 5th floor, visitors will find the best restaurants and places to spend a night of drinks with friends or a romantic dinner with your partner.

For its part, in the spaces of the Trasnocho Cultural located in the Paseo Las Mercedes Shopping Center, a good part of Caracas cultural life takes place.There are plays, art exhibitions and many cafes to chat with friends.

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